Bloch Tensus Demi Pointe Shoe TT S0155L

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Tensus Demi Pointe Shoe TT S0155L

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Bloch first developed the Demi-pointe shoe in the 1960s as a transitional shoe to help train dancers for pointe work. The Demi Pointe is more structured than a ballet flat and the sole and box provide resistance helping to build the necessary strength in the foot and leg muscles required for pointe work.

Product Features:

  • The Tensus Demi has a leather outsole and is made on the same last as the Aspiration pointe shoe.
  • The last shape supports the foot and creates a smooth surface and stability when running, walking or standing flat.
  • The Demi-pointe shoe has a square shaped box, low cut sides and a narrow heel.
  • These features combine to accentuate the profile of the foot and suit the dancer with a narrow heel.

    *NOT designed for work "en pointe"*

    We always recommend being fitted by a professional pointe shoe fitter, if that is not possible the manufacturer’s sizing suggestion for this style is street size minus 2.5 or 3 sizes.
    This is a recommendation only, actual sizing may vary.

    Remember to order ribbon, elastic, pads, a stitch kit and mesh bag.

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