Bloch Aspiration Pointe Shoe S0105L

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Aspiration Pointe Shoe S0105L

Aspiration pointe shoe provides stability and support with a wide box and strong shank.

Product Features:

  • The Aspiration is designed for the advanced student dancer with highly flexible insteps and ankles.
  • It is designed to give the dancer when 'en pointe' the feeling of being elevated up out of the shoe and held away from the floor.
  • The shank has an extra board shortened under the metatarsal which provides stability and support however this extra strength in the shank does not extend to the heel.
  • This allows the foot to arch at the ¾ point with the heel being able to bend away from the foot.
  • The platform is both high and wide to allow maximum balance when 'en pointe'.

We always recommend being fitted by a professional pointe shoe fitter, if that is not possible the manufacturer’s sizing suggestion for this style is street size minus 2.5 or 3 sizes.
This is a recommendation only, actual sizing may vary.

Remember to order ribbon, elastic, pads, a stitch kit and mesh bag.

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