Gaynor Minden Sleek Fit Pointe Shoe/ExtraFlex

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(US made Gaynors with satin Tips)

Gaynor Minden uses high quality elastomerics for its unbreakable shanks and boxes, not the antiquated paste and cardboard construction that makes other pointe shoes quickly deteriorate while tormenting the feet. The flexibility and support that you feel in the new shoe will remain the same throughout its long life. Gaynor Mindens have tremendous durability without being hard or clunky. The shoes last 3 to 6 times as long as most other brands.
The Sleek Fit style is for a tapered “V” shaped foot and features a deep vamp & tapered heel.

The Extraflex Shank is Med/Hard, feels slightly worn (Most Popular Gaynor Shank)


Box 2= Small & Tapered
Box 3= Medium & Tapered
Box 4= Square & Wide
Box 5= Square & Wider

We always recommend being fitted by a professional pointe shoe fitter, if that is not possible the manufacturer’s sizing suggestion for this style is street size plus 1-1.5 sizes.
This is a recommendation only, actual sizing may vary.

Remember to order ribbon, elastic, a stitch kit and mesh bag.

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